Accelerating Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus has caused chaos in health systems around the world.

One of the biggest obstacles to reducing the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic is that resources are extremely limited. There is currently an acute shortage of critical live-saving supplies like COVID-19 tests, respirators, gloves, and masks.

The prioritization and scheduling of coronavirus tests is currently sub-optimal, and the distribution of medical supplies fails to provide for hospitals in need. This needlessly allows the pandemic to spread, putting countless lives at risk.

We build solutions that save lives when every second counts. By combining our Virtual Dispatcher Service with our HERCULES Resource Optimizer, we empower dispatchers and first responders to save as many lives as possible.

These innovative technologies ensure that users can safely schedule coronavirus testing from most major electronic platforms with or without internet, including support for several languages other than English. Because the VDS and HERCULES integration schedules directly with hospitals and clinics, users can arrive at a specific appointment time based on their coronavirus test priority, instead of waiting in a crowded line or clinic waiting room where social distancing is nonexistent and coronavirus is far more likely to spread.

The HERCULES Resource Optimizer also ensures that coronavirus tests and other important medical resources are allocated to hospitals in an order that maximizes total lives saved.

This ensures that no one is left behind or forgotten in the fight to stop the spread of coronavirus.

We have been granted US Patent No. 10595183 which protects our technologies. Other patents and foreign patents are pending.

How can we help?
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