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Sally VDS - Virtual Agent


The Sally Virtual Dispatcher Service (VDS) is an NLP-powered virtual agent that allows all 911 calls to be handled immediately - regardless of their priority. This eases overloads in 911 dispatch centers, helping save lives when every second counts. Sally’s natural language processing platform runs in multiple languages without any internet needed for callers, scales on demand, hands off to live agents, and provides critical information to first responders.

The Sally Virtual Dispatcher Service supplies a cloud-based text-to-911 service that is fast, scalable to demand, and fault-tolerant. VDS allows PSAPs to support text-to-911 infrastructure that can be quickly deployed with low overhead. Sally VDS has a strong portfolio of compatible integrations, including various CAD, GIS, and RMS systems such as RapidSOS, ESRI, and more.

In order to ensure that human dispatchers are always handling the most important, sensitive, or complex 911 calls, the VDS has a boost-and-drop functionality that assigns calls to either human dispatchers at PSAPs or an instance of the Virtual Dispatcher Service depending on the severity of the call and other associated factors. This means that the most important or complex calls are handled primarily by human dispatchers, even if they arrived later in the queue.

Sally VDS helps augment the capabilities of dispatching systems at Public Safety Answering Points because it always has enough AI-powered virtual dispatchers available to talk to every user. Furthermore, the cloud-based VDS system supports multiple device platforms including website forms, phone calls, text messaging, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. 

A major of benefit of Sally VDS for call centers and Public Safety Answering Points is that VDS eases the overflow that would cause these critical infrastructures to overload and fail in an emergency scenario.

This product is protected by US Patent No. 10595183 and other pending applications and foreign patents.

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Hercules HPC


When it comes to disaster resilience, an optimal response plan can never be generated fast enough. A set of response decisions will often lead to an astronomical number of possible outcomes. Hercules helps you find the best possible one. 

The Nakamura Hercules High-Performance Computing platform hosts a collection of real-time mathematical optimization algorithms and other high-performance systems for solving optimal and online control problems that relate to emergency response operations. 

The Hercules collection of mathematical optimizers can quickly solve scheduling, allocation, and emergency response problems in real-time. From creating the fastest possible plan to isolate and eradicate COVID-19 with Covering Sets, to rapidly generating an optimal plan of attack for suppressing a wildfire before it endangers us, generating an optimal response plan for a time-sensitive emergency with Hercules can save many lives when resources are limited and every second counts. 

The ability to continuously reoptimize response operations as the nature of a disaster progresses empowers Hercules HPC to help save lives and protect communities. For example, Hercules can be deployed to facilitate rapid response planning for the current coronavirus pandemic. A major benefit of the Hercules Resource Optimizer in the coronavirus case is that it ensures that coronavirus tests, vaccines, and other important medical resources are allocated to hospitals in an order that maximizes total lives saved, while also continually reoptimizing its control strategy to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances.

Hercules is flexible, fast, and powerful. The Hercules platform also hosts other advanced proprietary algorithms, helping clients in various fields solve a broad range of optimization- and AI-related problems.

This product is protected by US Patent No. 10595183 and other pending applications and foreign patents.

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When disaster strikes, minutes matter.

People call 911 during some of the most stressful and critical times of their lives. They rely on the 911 dispatching system to respond as quickly as possible. Still, they can face hour-long holds when call centers are overloaded. And during a mass disaster, every second counts. Every passing moment of inaction allows the impact of a pandemic to grow exponentially, or allows a fast-spreading wildfire to devastate another community.

Our innovative technology solutions help eliminate PSAP overload, orchestrate optimal disaster response plans, and reduce hold times, beneficially saving many lives. Nakamura Rescue is an integrated solution for disaster response: Sally VDS collects information from users to determine the priority of a request, recovers important information needed by first responders and health workers, and integrates with scheduling and resource allocation platforms like Hercules to coordinate the best way to respond to requests and save as many lives as possible.

By driving process efficiency in emergency response through fundamental innovations in planning, control, and human-computer interaction, the Rescue system can triage requests, assign responders, allocate life-saving resources, and generate optimal response plans at high speed. These new gains in speed and operational intelligence empower dispatchers and first responders to save more lives.

This product is protected by US Patent No. 10595183 and other pending applications and foreign patents.

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Nakamura’s FormulaOne FPGA solutions are designed to deliver time-sensitive, mission-critical compute workloads with ease and agility. Our FormulaOne IP cores provide extremely performant plug-and-play implementations of common numerical methods, providing up to 100x acceleration compared to CPUs for a diverse set of compute-bound applications. Beyond the development of hardware accelerators for clients, Nakamura continues to invest in FPGA research toward accelerating Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) in high-performance computing. We are exploring applications related to the solution of online machine problems, spectral graph theory, digital twin simulation, genome sequencing, computational fluid dynamics, and online control of nonlinear systems.

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Sally for SAP


Our Sally virtual agent can integrate conversational workflows with your SAP solutions to facilitate intelligent operations. Sally for SAP provides a conversational system for collecting real-time business data from employees using telco-based voice and text systems that are SAP-agnostic. Sally for SAP can help automate and streamline business processes that reduce operational risk, improve employee engagement and productivity, all while minimizing process overhead and leveraging the existing IT hardware and mobile devices preferred by your staff.

Integrating workers’ conversational input data with SAP adds value by reducing communication delays related to detection, reporting, validation, and resolution of break-fix incidents affecting the production line. This beneficially reduces alert latency, allows for proactive scheduling of response operations, and helps provide more precise information to incident response teams, ultimately reducing downtime. Sally for SAP can also be used to automate survey and check-in processes, reducing queuing times, mitigating the impact of language barriers, and reducing the cost and complexity of implementing screening processes.

Powered by SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver.

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Hercules on BluePrism


Reinvent, scale, differentiate, or perish: these are the stark choices that our largest financial services clients face today. RPA projects are often one answer to the problems facing incumbents, but these often fall short of the capabilities needed to fully deliver on the promises of intelligent automation.

Leveraging the capabilities of our Hercules platform within BluePrism workflows helps our customers transform RPA projects and capabilities from a cost reduction strategy, to a driving component of competitive digital experience offerings. 

The Hercules integration for BluePrism enables RPA solutions to leverage new capabilities, access modern machine learning libraries like Tensorflow, and take advantage of APIs and microservices. This system architecture includes the ability for developers and project teams to create more complex and robust intelligent automation solutions with modern object- and script- oriented architectures in Python, Java, and C#.  Other value-add for the business includes increased final efficiency of the re-engineered business process, improved developer morale, and reduced time-to-value for developer sprints.  

Hercules helps clients get more long-term value out of their investment in BluePrism.

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